Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LG KC780 gsm touchscreen mobile

LG Announced the slimmest 8 Mega Pixel Camera. KC780 Just Half an inch and thick-13.8mm and shoot 30 (frames per second) fps Video.

The Phone Signature Camera Will Have AutoFocus.

Feature and Specification of LG KC780:-

  • LG KC780 has USB 2.0.LG KC780 has Bluetooth.
  • LG KC780 has Video Recording 30 (frames per second) fps.
  • LG KC780 has (Thin-film transistor) TFT Display with Limited Touch screen.
  • LG KC780 has 140 (Mega Bytes) MB Onboard Memory with MicroSD Card Slot.
  • LG KC780 has Quad-Band (Global) GSM (General Packet Radio System) GPRS (EnhancedData rates for GSM Evolution) EDGE Connectivity.



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