Friday, July 8, 2011

New Apple iPhone 5 Features

I Phone 5 in 2010 or 2011?
It is said that the new iPhone 5 is being arrived in market by the year 2011 and according to some rumors, it will arrive in the 4th Quarter of 2010. But whether this is just a rumour or there has been some great news behind it, is still not confirmed. If Apple is coming up with iPhone 5 then why is it willing to come out in market so soon? There must be some reason behind it. It is said that as iPhone 4 had some issues in its features, hence to appease the customers, Apple is soon coming out with new device to maintain the grip with its customers.
IPhone 5 Android
I Phone 5 would have one of the main features with the antenna. iPhone 4 had major concern with its antenna issue and that would be resolved in this new predecessor. Although there had been much rumors about iPhone 5 but there has been some of the features that is being speculated from this new device. It is speculated that the new iPhone 5 would have good battery life. In fact, there may be a concept of removable battery as in most of other cases; there has been much problem with the batteries. The public is just thinking of all such features and there is no confirmation about it yet.
It is being thought of that iPhone 5 would be built on the previous models as iPhone 4 but there would be some visual aspects changes in this too. There would be face time video conferencing applications involved in to it. This feature is said to be even better than any of video camera too. There would be total difference in new kind of marketing technology being applied to this phone when it would be released in market. Although all this is just being speculated, let us see whether this kind of dream comes true or not.

Fifth generation
There have been good changes and people are thinking of getting the fifth generation of these iPhones as these have been anticipated. But now, after being all these rumors coming up, there has been news that customers are accepting iPhone 4 and all its features. Initially they might have rejected the phone with antenna issues but then people are accepting it like a good and successful device. Now there have been good sales in the iPhone 4. You have good colours variations in these phones and choose out your own personal phone. So, it is just to see whether Apple is coming with all new featured iPhone5 or not
here are iPhone 5 rumors everywhere when recently Apple has released new version of iPad 2 and iOS 4.3.1, I read somewhere that iPhone 5 will be released most probably in 3rd quarter of 2011, well every Apple freak is dreaming about iPhone 5 and expecting the wonder mobile like every time Apple launch, We are expecting many new features in new iPhone and I am writing this post to tell you about the 10 new features which might be included in the new release of Apple iPhone 5, If you have any information or I am wrong at any place please use the comment option below to communicate with me
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5 iPhone 5 might have 32GB model with the lowest memory option available

apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  iPhone 5 might support 4G-LTE network while 3G networks will also be there in iPhone 5
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  App is expected to add on tethering feature in new iPhone for internet
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  It is expected that Apple iPhone will come with new iOS 5.0 introducing new features like multifingure touch etc
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  iPhone 5 is expected to have a bigger screen with higher resolution HD or WXGA with the support of LTE network to provide you the best multimedia experience ever
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  With these features many new apps for iPhone 5 are expected to developed by developers to make it a better Mobile TV
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  There is also a rumor about the camera of iPhone 5 which is said to be 8MP or higher for better photography experience
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  As we can see in the market mobile devices have moved up in regards of memory and processors so iPhone 5 might come with A5 chip with dual core processor atleast 1.2 GHz, Powered up GPU and system memory
apple1 10 New Features Expected in Apple iPhone 5  New security and calling features are also likely to be added in new iPhone 5 with the help of iOS 5 to compete with the other options in market
Technology development has been accelerated for past few years and market is full of various options, as all of us have already seen in CES 2011, That’s why no one is so sure about the features of upcoming iPhone but I don’t think Steve Job’s Apple is gona give up because they are innovators and they might have new things in mind which we can’t even think about iPhone 5, So let’s dream on until iPhone 5 is released by Apple.



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