Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DesktopX is the revolutionary 2010 theme

DesktopX is the revolutionary program that made it possible for users to add new types of content to their Windows desktop. By default, Microsoft windows supports having icons on the desktop. With DesktopX, users can add desktop objects, widgets or even build entirely new desktops. DesktopX has been re-designed to separate the end user elements of the program from the content creation portions. Users can now use DesktopX created content without interacting with DesktopX's powerful development environment. DesktopX's development environment allows users to create and modify DesktopX objects. These objects exist on the windows desktop and can be put together to create virtually anything. Users can then export their creations as either mini-applications called 'widgets' or export them as a completely new desktop to replace the traditional ''Explorer' desktop.

DesktopX enhances Windows by enabling users to replace or enhance their Windows icons with DesktopX objects, add new functionality to their desktop (clocks, calendars, stock tickers, media players, resource monitors, etc.) by adding mini-applets called widgets.
Create mini-applications in hours rather than months with DesktopX Pro. DesktopX Pro is the ONLY program currently available that supports the creation of gadgets - true stand-alone widgets.
Your creations are exported as stand-alone EXEs. No need for any run-times, no DLLs, no special installers, your programs will work on Windows 2000, XP, and Windows Vista (and often on Windows 98 and ME as well).

Platform: Windows ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
License: Serial
Size: 13.35 Mb






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