Tuesday, June 30, 2009

telnet send fake email

The Email in which we can set any
mail from: content is called spam.

Note:-actually if the mail is not properly created(parsed) for example email with not subject in that case server assume that it is spam therefore some time when you send mail from yahoo to gmail the mail goes to spam

It is to be noted here that we can not set
mail from in our id therefore for that use telnet. in which we first make a connection with the server(if we want to send spam to person with gmail id then we should made connection with gmail smtp server) then give the detail as mentioned below:-

steps For sending spam/email using telnet:-

1) Firstly find out the smtp(simple mail transfer protocol) server for the network using which u want to send mail.

how to find out stmp server of any network?
Ans:-using nslookup command as shown in the figure.

here in the figure what i have done is firstly i have typed nslookup command in cmd to find out the server address. next type "set type=mx" for finding mail exchange server and at last type the mail server from which u want to send mail for in my case i use "gmail.com" on entering it into your cmd after type=mx command you will get alot of address u can use any of them but in my suggestion choose toppest address and in figure the toppest address is alt1.gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com

2) Now after u have find out the smtp mail server type in cmd

telnet "mail server" 25

in my case mail server was alt1.gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com

3) Now u will be connected to the mail server, so now to begin, type in ehlo for esmtp(extended smtp) and helo for smtp type server in command window that appear after last step.

NOTE:- remember here to not mistake at there because here every thing that you type here will be counted so even backspace will be counted. so if you mistaken in here u have to leave it and type all thing again.

4) Now here you must type exactly what i say.

  • Type:- mail from: email id from where this mail is send from.
    eg. mail from:

  • Now type:- rcpt to: email id to whom this mail go to.
    eg. rcpt to:

  • Now type:- data

  • Type the message that you want to send.

  • Now at last type .(dot) after entering data

  • And that is it you have learned how send mail or spam using cmd.

NOTE:- it is important to note here that u can only send message (in most server) if you have static ip address or u can send message through the mail server that your isp has provided to you so contact your isp for free email id and stmp server.



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