Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recovering yahoo accounts

Recovering deleted yahoo accounts is not a easy process at all. The best way to protect your Yahoo! account is to take maximum care of your account. You really can’t expect Yahoo customer service agents to guide you in this type of situations as you are the persons who has to take care of your account. Also remember that account deletion means your complete account removal from Yahoo’s database.

Whenever you delete your account by visiting Yahoo account deletion page, they remove your account from all their services. This means that you will no longer have access to yahoo! services like Geocities, Yahoo mail ad any other Yahoo services associated with your account. If you are using any premium Yahoo services, mind to cancel those subscriptions, else you might be getting charged also.

Yahoo does not provide any guarantee or assurance of restoring your account. However you should try for a couple of times by contacting Yahoo help section. If you are not the person who deleted your account or you think someone misused your account, then feel free to write yahoo customer service to restore your account.

In most cases they don’t restore deleted accounts. But you might be the fortunate one to get back your deleted Yahoo account. If you don’t, you are always welcome to open an another account with them



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