Monday, April 6, 2009

Increase Broadband Speed

Increase Broadband Speed Using Simple Tweak :-
A Simple Tweak (XP Pro only) which will increase your Broadband Speed.
Make sure you Log on as Administrator, not as a user with Administrator privileges.
Follow the steps as given below-
1) Click on Start Button.
2) Select Run From Start Menu.
3) Type gpedit.msc
4) Expand the [Administrative Templates] branch.
5) Then Expand the [Network] branch.
6) Highlight(Select by Single Click) [QoS Packet Scheduler]
7) Double-click [Limit Reservable Bandwidth] (Available in Right Side Panel)
8) Check(Select By Single Click on it) [Enabled]
9) Change [Bandwidth limit %] to 0 %
10) Click [OK] Button.
11) Restart Your PC.
12) Now Check Your Broadband Speed



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