Thursday, March 26, 2009

types of Hackers

Types of Hackers

Computer hackers are all around us and have been for years so i would like to tell you a little bit about hackers because all hackers have motives good and bad.
Most people regard hackers as teenage whizz kids but not all are. It is fair to say that if we did not have such people then we would never know about computer system vunerabilities,but also you could argue well if we did not have hackers we would not have viruses all over the internet, hats why im gonna explain different types of hackers not all are bad.
Types of hackers are explained below
1: White hat hackers
Also known as friendly hackers are always using their knowledge for good reasons, they usually end up working as high-paid network admin, programmers, and security consultants. When a software bug is found, the white-hat will work hard to solve the problem and supply various high profile company’s with there information.
2: Grey-hat hackers
Are borderline white/black hats. They sometimes prank unsuspecting users and cause general mayhem. While they think this kind of activity is harmless, they may face long periods of jail time if they ever get found out.
3: Black-hat hackers
Also known as crackers these are the ones to watch out for, they send and make viruses, destroy data, and deface websites along with other illegal activity and break into peoples machines. This type of hacker has a bad reputation, and usually ends up in jail for a long period of time and massive fines if ever caught.



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