Sunday, January 11, 2009

port tcp

Keith Edwards, Professor, Georgia Tech

“In particular, it’s definitely time for an update to this book, since so many changes to the Java platform have happened since the first edition. While I don’t see the need to update most books every time there’s a minor update, this book is definitely overdue for a revision.

“I think the book is especially appropriate for mature practitioners and students, who need an easily-accessible and to-the-point overview of the Java networking APIs. To me, one of the strongest points of the book is that it?s concise enough to serve as a quick guide and reference to key ?gotchas.? Thus, I think the structure of the book serves audiences who are already good network programmers, or who need a good Java reference, quite well.”

Robert Brunner, Research Programmer, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)–
“I think the book does a good job of hitting this market. It is not suited to be a main textbook for a class, and it does not try to do that, But it does do a nice job of succinctly hitting the major points, providing nice examples, as well as a reference for the major important topics. So I see this as a nice book for developers who want to quickly (and cheaply) master networking Java, as well as a supplemental book for courses in continuing education courses or colleges.”




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