Wednesday, November 12, 2008

vodafone secrets and code(Rajeshwar)

If you press key *#104# and call you will get a number and beginning with 44 replace that 44 with 0 then dial the rest of that number into any phone or cell phone it is a direct line to your voicemail you can yet distract calls to it.

Send (short message service)sms to a fax machine (Vodafone) put 9741 then the fax number send. You will get a verification text 5 minutes later.

Get throughout to customer services free by dialing a number 1611.
On behalf of Vodafone UK users, if you press *#105# then you can check the situation of when your account was last simplified.

Make out where the nearest teller in your area, enter *#102# and call. If this code is not works try *#105#.

Press *#147# to display the last number that called with the time and date of the call as well when phone was on/off..

On Portuguese Vodafone call 1799 to receive a memo with your credit balance, call *#100# to the same thing call *#102# to see your last call.

*#103# gives you the time and date

Quick graze card top-up, type *#1345*top up card number# and you will see your new balance on your display. If you press *#1345# you can observe your balance on screen.

Press *#31# or *#30# or *#102# to get the price period and number of your previous call.

For Cell transmits: 050 to display home area code and postcode.

You can send your voice mail..
Free of charge voice mail...Call 70612 and enter your phone number and
send your voice mail.



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