Sunday, June 22, 2008

Make Annoying Internet Popups !!!

Hi, I'll tell you guys how to construct annoying internet popups.Just follow the steps given below....1. Open Notepad. This is achieved from Start->Programs->Accessories->Notepad.2. Now type in the following in a notepad file:start iexplore.exe http://google.com3. Save the file with .bat extension.(For example: game.bat .This is the most important step to be noted)4. The above file will produce only one popup with Internet Explorer opening You can increase the number of popups by copying the code mant times as:start iexplore.exe http://google.comstart iexplore.exe http://google.comstart iexplore.exe http://google.comstart iexplore.exe http://google.comNow this will open four popups. You can change Google to Yahoo or any other site.Even browser can be changed from IE to Firefox by using Firefox.exe instead of iexplore.exe.So friends enjoy this trick...Enjoy HaCkInG......



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